What Makes a Good Recruiter?

The Recruitment industry is fast paced, dynamic, exciting and very rewarding. I have realized that being a Recruiter lets me help candidates reach their career goals, be able to better provide for their families and gain financial independence and assist my clients to find employees who would add value to their Company. I wake up every day with this in mind and it is my driving force.

The qualities that a good Recruiter has are as follows:

  • Passion – passion for people, finding the right candidate, finding the right job opportunity and making dreams come true. Recruiters with a good reputation with their clients and candidates will always be successful. There is no better feeling that hearing the excitement in the voice of a candidate that has just received a job offer or a client that compliments you on the candidates that you have sent them.
  • Confidence and resilience- there will be good and bad days, but it is important to stay close to your goals and remember your purpose.
  • Self-motivation – be able to manage yourself, a good Recruiter must also be able to manage your emotions and have emotional intelligence, to drive yourself each day to be the best and do your best.
  • Opportunistic – see opportunity everywhere and be open minded, opportunities are not often handed to you, you must see it and persevere. Do what other Recruiters are not prepared to do.
  • Go the extra mile for candidates, clients and your team – this will ensure that you are successful and favoured by all, they will also in turn do the same for you.
  • Be thorough – clients must be able to trust that the information you provide is correct and verified. The quality of the CV’s that you send speaks volumes of your standards and can either build or break your reputation.
  • Proactive and entrepreneurial – be a high achiever, be the hardest worker, put in the hours, set your own goals, brand yourself, make time to network and be target driven.
  • Knowledgeable – most Recruiters specialize in a few areas, so it is important to keep abreast of what is happening in those specializations or industries.
  • Time management – time is the most critical resource so managing your time becomes critical to your success so prioritizing and minimizing distractions is important.
  • Good customer service skills – keep in touch with your clients, go beyond the call of duty at times and make sure that you deliver on each job spec that is received. This will make you the Recruiter of choice for your clients.
  • High energy – the ability to cope with stress and the fast pace, creating a balance, exercising and celebrating your wins, all makes the hard work worthwhile.

A great Recruiter has a heart for people, is determined to win, is intentional, works daily on improving your craft and learning new skills. You must be able to laugh, sometimes at yourself but most importantly you must embrace each day knowing that the biggest part of your job is to bring hope and possibilities to people.