Life After Matric

For many who can’t afford a tertiary education the end of the  buildup of 12 years of schooling can be terrifying. Especially when the theorem of Pythagoras has no real life application for most matriculants who get thrown into the real world. Most start by applying for very and any job they can find and become increasingly despondent as they become aware that companies value experience more than anything else.

As an experienced recruiter my advice to any matriculants would be this:

  1. Stop being so fussy when it comes to jobs, everyone has to start somewhere and often call centres, although not your dream job, are the perfect place to start a career as they teach you discipline and a good work ethic. I always have respect for candidates who have been at a call centre for longer than a year, most don’t make it past 3 months!
  2. Stop expecting to be treated fairly. The workplace can often be unfair and leaving a job at the first sign of struggle can be detrimental to your potential next job. It’s tough at first but learning to deal with difficult people and situations is a crucial life lesson that will take you further than the average person.
  3. Teach yourself something new. There are many free online courses or tutorials in various subjects. This will show companies that you are serious about self-development it shows that you are willing to go the extra mile.
  4. Be the best person you can be at all times. Companies are moving towards hiring for personality and culture fit as the skills can be taught on the job. Even if you are in a dead end job always do your best because you never know who is watching.
  5. If you are unable to find work anywhere, try volunteering at a company close to home. Companies will always accept free labour and if you impress them enough they may hire you. The experience you gain from the company will also be invaluable and help to build your CV. The company could also give you a good reference and in recruitment a good reference from a company you have worked at is as good as gold!

With millions of unemployed people out there you need to stand out from the rest to find work. Wake up every morning with intention and present your best side always and remember that you are one referral away from getting a job!