Software Developer (Intermediate)

Intermediate Developer
Core Skills:
    • Coding Languages: C# .NET (Framework & Core) Experience. Working with ASP.NET Web APIs and MVC Applications.
    •  SQL Server: Database Design, Scripting, Analyzing SQL statements and optimization, relational database skills
    • Software Qualifications: Minimum 3 Year Relevant Qualification and 2 Years Software Industry Development Experience or Minimum 1 Year Relevant Qualification and 4 Years Software Industry Development Experience.
Additional Skills:
    • Working with Azure DevOps and Microsoft Azure
    • Working with Visual Basic .NET
    • Mentoring fellow developers on best practices Eg. Design patterns.
    • System Design and Architecture
    • Technical Writing Skills
    • Working in an Agile Environment with Daily Scrums.
    • Any Experience with JSON, XML, Javascript, Jquery
    • IIS: Deploying, Creating and Updating Services
    • Experience with Xamarin
    • Working with GIT Version Control
    • Automation Build and Testing
    • Unit Testing
    • Multi-task Capabilities
    • Creative Problem Solving
    • Troubleshooting System Bugs
    • Analytical Thinking
    • Able to work under pressure
    • Team Player
Key Responsibilities:
    • Designing new software solutions alongside existing engineering and development team according to best practices
    • Resolving bugs and system issues in our live environments 
    • Further developing and improving existing solutions and software development processes