Software Developer

Software Developer
Our client is looking for an experienced Software Developer who will hold the following responsibilities:
    • Ongoing development and maintenance of business-critical web-based applications.
    • Actively participate in the full life cycle: planning, analysis, design, implement, testing and quality assurance, maintain.
    • Providing support to application users.
    • Proactively identifying areas of growth and improvement in application functionality, technologies and frameworks used, and in their management and maintenance
At least 5 years’ experience in all of the following:
    • PHP (Proficient)
        • PHP 7+
        • Object oriented
        • MVC
        • Defensive coding
    • JavaScript (Highly proficient) Including support for IE 9
    • MySQL (Proficient)
    • Git (Proficient)
    • CSS (Proficient)
        • SASS
        • Media Queries
    • HTML
    • jQuery
    • PHP Fat free Framework
    • Web based application and fintech information security
    • User interface and user experience concepts and design
    • Mobile first design
Other requirements:
    • Position is full time telecommute. Applicant must have a suitable environment to work from at home.
    • Must be located in KwaZulu Natal, within an hour radius of Pietermaritzburg/Durban and be able to travel to participate in occasional company functions and physical meetings.
    • Must have reliable internet connection with reasonable speeds.
    • Independently verifiable business references are a must.
    • Applicant must be able to provide access to a repository with a sample of their code. Repository should be able to establish the identity of the applicant and show changes over time. The repository should not be one established for the purposes of applying for this position – it should demonstrate real life ability and code style (not just a once off commit to create the repo).