Relationship Manager (Business Development Manager)

Job Summary  
Grow our reach and revenue by expanding the membership of various existing industry clusters and establishing new markets, clusters and/or programmes for the company’s core products and services. This entails understanding the needs of multiple manufacturing value chains, connecting them to our products and services, identifying new business leads, developing a compelling value proposition, converting the lead into new business, and onboarding new clients/funders.  
Essential Requirements
• Honours or Masters degree from a leading academic university
• Demonstrable business development experience with positive quantified outcomes
• Willingness to travel from time to time
• Management consulting experience
• Exposure to manufacturing industries
Duties Cluster Membership Growth
• Engage with manufacturers and develop a marketing pack and pitch that demonstrates clear value to becoming a member of the various industry clusters that we run.
• Secure cluster membership growth with a focus on large manufacturers.
• Provide feedback on relevant industry trends and opportunities to the company executives.  
• Support the development and launch of new products and services within clusters.
New Markets and Sectors
• Leverage services and products into new markets and sectors.
• Generate leads and, where necessary, cold call prospective customers.
• Develop proposals and the pitch to prospective private and public sector clients in new markets and sectors.  
• Contribute to new cluster business plans and related budgets.
• Build long-term relationships as a trusted partner and ensure ongoing value to members.
• Identify unengaged cluster members and formulate a strategy to rebuild the engagement levels.
• Ensure renewal of business contracts and membership.
Conversion, Reporting & Administration
• Track proposals progress and support executive to follow up on proposals where necessary.
• Ensure project/member documentation is completed and onboarding finalised.
• Participates in monthly executive team meetings
• Track, manage and report on costs and revenues associated with business development.
• Compile reports as necessary
Core Competencies The following core competencies are expected of the Relationship Manager:
• Able to distinguish the development of a long-term partnership from short-term sales
• Comfortable engaging with senior executives on industry challenges and opportunities, and proposals to address those
• Understand the importance of a quantified value proposition
• Able to navigate both public and private sector landscapes and scope opportunities within the constraints of each domain
• Adept at preparing and delivering engaging, informative, well-organised presentations
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Self-motivated and able to work independently
• Analytical skills and ability to influence change based on understanding of environments
• Demonstrated negotiation skills
• Strong organisational skills
• Collaborative and problem-solving oriented mindset  
• Able to conduct business research to identify trends and opportunities
• Understanding of revenue models, income statements, cost-to-completion projections and ability to make decisions accordingly
• Understanding of pricing models and billing procedures
• Live our “Respect, Learn, Act, Talk” values and behaviours