Portfolio Executive – Value Chain Development

Job Summary
Our purpose is to grow manufacturing value chains. Our unique way of doing this is by setting up and executing industry development clusters and value chain development programmes, all market-led for maximum impact.
We are looking for an Executive to lead and grow our Western Cape Buyer-Led Value Chains portfolio, which spans the clothing & textiles, furniture and food & beverage value chains.
This person’s dual role is to identify growth opportunities and convert those into growth programmes, and to lead selected product/service teams in the development and execution of impactful interventions to support such programmes across the company.  
Such interventions include sector, market and business analysis, formulation and execution of sourcing strategy for lead firms, Business Accelerators to aid sourcing (lead firms) and market access (manufacturers), manufacturing performance diagnostics, training, and Lean implementation, and shared learning events. Through our clustering model, these interventions benefit from collective efficiency, allowing us to formulate and deliver more quickly, cheaply, and with wider impact than firms are able to achieve on their own.
Essential Requirements
• Honours or Masters degree from a leading academic university.
• 5+ years’ relevant experience, plus minimum 3 years’ experience in a senior leader/management role.
• Management consulting experience.
• Manufacturing value chain business experience.
• Recognised project management qualification, e.g. PMP, Agile, etc.
Responsibilities Innovate
• Contribute to the thought leadership of the company.  
• Guide the evolution and delivery of products/services for which you are the lead across the company, and interface with other product/service leads as needed.
• Engage with existing and prospective clients in industry to understand their needs, brainstorm solutions and formulate responsive programmes and interventions.
• Articulate the benefits of, and quantify the business case for, client participation in existing and/or new programmes.
• Conceptualise, formulate, present and execute business plans/proposals and budgets for private clients and/or public sector partners on new programmes or programme renewals.
• Develop a team culture of high-performance, innovation and learning.
• Allocate and manage resources to deliver programmes on time and budget.
• Build close, long-term relationships with executive-level client representatives and public sector stakeholders.
• Monitor and expand our reach and the engagement of clients across the portfolio.
• Expansive mindset, an ambassador of possibility, able to spot new opportunities.
• Ability to quickly understand multi-stakeholder and sometimes complex value chain dynamics.
• Strong business acumen – an intuitive understanding of market forces, commercial dynamics and business strategy.
• Quantitative skills and financial acumen – using financial analysis for decision-making.
• Strategy and workshop facilitation skills.
• Expertise in designing organisational structure, routines and change management systems for optimal execution.
• Business writing & verbal communication skills, including presentation skills.
• Attention to detail.
• Socially adaptable – the ability and desire to engage with people from different socioeconomic backgrounds and in different environments, from boardroom to factory.
• Outgoing personality with high EQ.