Lead Generation Manager

Lead Generation Manager
  • Plan and manage the department according to market development strategy  
  • Recruitment – ability to find high performing candidates  
  • Source leads, suppliers, input of continuous supply of leads via digital marketing, etc.  
  • Manage the dialler via leads, lists, stats, etc.  
  • Analyse statistics (high level of analytical insight) & formulate objectives to drive incremental performance.  
  • Continually optimize the team  
  • Competitor analysis, identify easy wins, liaise with commercial for high/low performing products.  
  • Understand the current team and ability to influence performance through motivation, vibrant team morale and collaborative approach.  
  • Ability to scale the output of team performance at any day/week/month.  
Essential Requirements
  • High levels of energy, motivation and urgency
  • High performance orientated individual
  • Continually developing yourself with knowledge and best practices
  • Strategic thinker
  • Innovative  
  • Adaptable  
  • Aware of the industry market trends and acts.
  • Financial insight  
  • Prior management of 20+ agents
  • Experience within a business-to-business environment
Digital marketing experience or exposure