Infrastructure Services Support Technician – Durban

Infrastructure Services Support Technician – Durban
The Infrastructure Services Support Technician reports to the Infrastructure Services Support
Team Leader and provides telephonic, remote and onsite, face-to-face support to users of  services.
A key objective of this role is to provide continuous feedback to requesters so that service levels are optimised, by ensuring that any support tickets raised via the service desk are closed.
The Infrastructure Services Support Technician will be a key collaborator and communicator between the various support teams (Tier 1, 2 and 3) and the requester.
The aim of the Infrastructure Services Support Technician will be to:
  • ensure that service levels are maintained and that relevant Principals are satisfied with service delivery
  • communicate telephonically, use remote tools and/or travel between key sites to provide support, give / receive feedback and identify any issues that require escalation
  • maintain consistent communication with relevant Principals and effectively manage their expectations
  • ensure that all end users are aware of and able to use services effectively
  • ensure that end users can access services at all times, either by resolving incidents or collaborating with and escalating to relevant roles to resolve incidents
Employee Specification
  • All candidates should hold a professional qualification in IT (3-year IT degree).
  • A successful candidate would need to have demonstrated exceptional achievement in his/her area of study.
  • An academic record of most recent qualifications needs to be submitted with the candidate’s CV.
  • All candidates need to hold a valid South African Driver’s Licence and have their own transport.
Experience and Requirements
  • Candidates need to demonstrate competence in IT and service delivery. The amount of experience an individual has is less important than the quality of the service that the candidate was able to provide during their period of service.
Only candidates who have graduated within the last 5 years will be considered for this role.
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