Customer and Innovation Manager

Customer and Innovation Manager
Our Client is looking for an Innovation Manager who will play a critical role in driving change and new growth, cultivating innovation capabilities within the organization, and promoting the value and influence innovation can offer. This requires a focus on both the culture of the company and the strategy that drives innovation.
    • Superior research and analytical skills to track and predict trends.
    • Deep understanding of significant aspects of technologies, business models, and regulations relevant for the industry.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to persuasively sell ideas.
    • 10+ years of relevant experience in innovation, technology, research and development, product development, and/or solutions development.
    • Relevant degree or equivalent in Business Management
    • Demonstrated success in defining a culture of innovation and driving dramatic growth through new revenue sources.
    • Create an innovation strategy that is understood and endorsed by key stakeholders including executive leadership, employees, customers, and partners.
    • Build a well-balanced innovation portfolio and roadmap that drives investments & growth.
    • Ensure that the company is successful in taking its innovations to market in a timely and scalable way.
    • Responsible for tracking new technology developments in areas of interest to the business to ensure that it maintains a technological edge within the industry, analysing and improving upon technology standards and maintaining organizational awareness of new technologies.
    • Uses innovation to differentiate the company in the market, provide unique value to customers and help build long-term relationships with customers.
    • Follow customer responses to new ideas to track and analyse success.
    • Monitor research and development of other organizations to spot trends in innovation and supplement research findings in the company’s industry.
    • Analyse existing practices to isolate areas ripe for improvement or enhancement.
    • Encourages creative thinking in employees and finds ways to nurture innovative thinking across all areas of the company.
    • Push business boundaries and challenge long-held assumptions.
    • Rethink solutions to emerging business problems.
    • Develop cutting-edge ideas that invite change and differentiation.
    • Keep all new projects in line with the company’s mission and maintains consistency with the company’s vision and brand.
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