Cost Accountant

Cost Accountant – Hillcrest, Durban
To improve and establish solid cost accounting principles and provide a sound basis for project costing by maintaining a cost database and setting up of an appropriate system to allow for management of assets and stock.
Establish a routine of checking actual spends with budgeted contract values and establish if deviations may be allowed or need to be controlled. Provide an internal service of project costing and support for project proposals by the sales team. Assist with maintenance of development project cost records and reporting of such costs to the management team.
Main Responsibilities
    1. Maintain all contract financials
        1. Monthly billing
        2. Reporting of assets and financed stock
        3. Calculations for new sites
    2. Prepare contract proposals, including:
        1. Costings for sites, maintenance, operational expenses, using historical and expected operational structure to determine cost levels.
        2. Data and detail of offer being made.
        3. Participate in and actively lead negotiations for new contracts
    3. Maintain (in cooperation with General and Technical Managers, IT Support) all stocks and records for new assets or stock purchased
        1. This will include the setting up of such a system to record and track assets and their value, their maintenance history and data to determine mean-time-to-failure and cost history.
        2. Ensure that system records are being maintained and updated constantly. Transfer this information to keep costing models current.
    4. Support solutions engineering department, along with accounting and SLA GM’s, with costs and financial information.
    5. Actively review budget vs actual and drive cost saving efforts – analyse data to seek high-spending trends, and identify areas where there is underspend. Assist with routine actual vs budget reviews by department and recommend spend changes or highlight areas for improvement to relevant line management.
    6. Work with the Accounting department to model cash-flow, and profitability of various departments and SLA’s.
    7. Provide financial summary information for review by senior management and department heads with the purpose of:
        1. Identifying area of low/high spend
        2. Track spend and profitability vs budget
        3. Provide key information on project status w.r.t. spend levels
        4. Indicating overall business health
    8. Routinely visit SLA’s (in other Provinces) and review asset and stock data, support costs analysis, provide contract status feedback, check systems being used correctly and completely. Meet with senior management to provide feedback and discuss contract situation.
    9. Support Accounts function as back-up and for workload overflow.
    10. Learn importance of GIS information and relevance to costing. Apply this in contract calculations and tower placement considerations.
Essential Skills
    1. Bachelor’s degree in accounting, or cost accounting or a degree with related experience.
    2. Previous use of ERP type systems. Understanding of BOM’s and manufacturing will be advantageous.
    3. Experience in costing of projects will be advantageous
    4. Working with detail and accuracy is essential
    5. Willingness to inspire and motivate the Accounting team and ‘muck in’ as needed.
    6. Must be able to communicate at all levels of the business, within and outside of the business
    7. Excellent written and verbal skills are required.
    8. Above average MS Excel skills are required
    9. An ‘analytical eye’ is essential. A willingness to challenge the status quo will be advantageous.
    10. Willingness to learn about GIS systems and their application to the business.
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