How to Find Work You Love

It is common knowledge that many of the population are working for companies that they do not enjoy being a part of. This could be due to poor management, monotonous daily tasks, a negative environment, poor working conditions and the like. If this resonates with you, have you ever thought of how different your life would be if you were given the opportunity to follow your passion? To be able to wake up every day, excited to go to work?

I believe that if given the opportunity to do so, you NEED to follow your passion wholeheartedly, and without hesitation. Many individuals are spending their energy on something that inherently does not speak to them. That energy could be used, explored, and maximized if put towards their true passion. In general, an individual’s quest is to live a life that is happy and fulfilling. We can start by finding out what our own likes and dislikes are so that a life goal can be planned and a route to achieving these goals, and essentially our passions, can be set. From here a more fulfilling life and career can be achieved.

In the video below, the late Scott Dinsmore discusses the above in more detail and how important it is for individuals to follow their passion and how to find a job that you can love.

(All credits given to the original video of Scott Dinsmore by TED Talks)

Written By: Greg Muller