Crippling Emotions When Job Hunting

Quite often during job hunting you can allow yourself to slip into the downward spiral towards depression, anxiety and fear. This alone is not helpful when looking for a new job. You start doubting your own self-worth, your confidence slides and this then portrays you as ‘desperate’ and someone who lacks confidence – a vicious cycle. Whilst this may not be the person you are, it does come across during interviews.

What happens when you are turned down again and again from job applications? How do you keep your head held high and a positive attitude when you keep being told that ‘your application was not successful’?

It is important to remember that fear can lead to many crippling thoughts and emotions during the job hunting phase. We have all been there. These are some of the more common fears:-

People fear they are not good enough.
Older workers fear they are overqualified.
Younger workers fear they are inexperienced.
Older workers fear they are perceived as obsolete.
Younger workers fear they may have to live at home forever.
People who are overweight fear they won’t be evaluated on their abilities.
Introverts fear they will be seen as timid.
Extroverts fear they will overdo it.
And the list goes on.

ATTITUDE is such an incredibly important part of job hunting and interviewing. With the right attitude you can get that job that seems slightly out of reach. Skills can be taught, attitude cannot. There are a number of employers out there who believe this and if you show strength of character and a good, willing attitude to life in general, they will often overlook the fact that you do not have the necessary skills.

Recruitment Consultants, such as us, are always more willing to motivate a candidate with a great attitude. Use the opportunity when you meet with a Consultant to shine. Don’t moan and groan about how tough life is. Believe it or not, we are all too aware how tough life is. This is your chance to shine, so use the opportunity wisely.

You need to remember that not getting a certain position you applied for simply means that you were not suited for it. In the long run, that regret will turn into a blessing, because that ONE super-fantastic, dream job is just around the next corner. Eventually the right one will come along.

And, don’t sit around waiting for that right job to fall into your lap. Be proactive! Register with as many agencies and online job portals as you can. The broader you spread your net the better for you. Action is the antidote to despair.

Don’t let fear cripple you – keep your mind away from negative thoughts. When you find yourself dwelling on negative thoughts, catch yourself and change them to something positive.

In the words of Mark Twain: Drag your thoughts away from your troubles…by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can imagine it”.

Now go out there and put a smile on that dial and a spring in that step! J

Ronel Irvine, Recruitment Consultant