Why isn’t that recruiter calling me?

We have all had it happen before, we submit our CV to a recruiter for the PERFECT job, the one that has your name written all over it. We wait a day, then a week and after two we assume the worst –  that the recruiter is clearly delusional and not doing their job properly!

But is there maybe a reason why the recruiter isn’t calling you? Here are some reasons why you aren’t hearing from us.

Lots of contract/temp work over the course of many years

Depending on the industry, someone working contract after contract is normally not a good thing. Some candidates like to say “my contract ended” instead of “I was fired”, so “contract” work is a great cover up for more serious problems, of course we won’t single you out just because of this factor.

Big gaps in CVs

Often when we see more than a few years gap on a CV its normally due to a job where something went wrong but the candidate doesn’t want us to find out. Maybe they were in jail, or committed fraud or skipped the country, the point is that we assume the worst because most of the time it is. As a candidate reading this, if there are legitimate gaps on your CV please specify what you did in those years (eg, stay at home mom).


Companies will always favour candidates who live in the area as relocation costs are often not in the budget. Speaking from experience I often have candidates promise they don’t mind travelling 25km every day for a job and then have them quit after two months as the travelling distance is too far.


Most companies who approach recruitment agencies will only accept the best of the best, meaning that if you aren’t 100% match for the job, even though you can do most of it or are a quick learner, we won’t shortlist you. Candidates often call and blame the recruiter for not submitting their CV but there are strict requirements from the companies and we cannot take chances and submit a willing but inexperienced candidate, no matter how quickly they can learn.


Spelling mistakes and poorly written emails and CVs do not create a good impression, especially when we have hundreds of applicants to go through. Always have someone check your emails and cvs to make sure it makes sense and is custom made for the job.

With so much working against you it is easy to feel overwhelmed and despondent, we know how tough it is to find work and we will always respond to your cv and let you know if you haven’t been shortlisted. We can even help you with your cv if needed and provide you with other websites with more vacancies for you to have a look at.