It’s All About You!

So many of us have been so extremely negatively affected recently especially by Covid, which has caused serious unemployment, financial burdens, loss of loved ones, family separation and this list goes on, but ultimately this has extremely affected our overall mental wellness and wellbeing.  All we want to do is throw our hands in the air or climb into a big dark hole.

We really need to start rethinking our mindsets and been adaptable to change.

I was so absolutely grateful to take part in one of Cindy Norcott and Jane Linely-Thomas free webinar’s “You can’t pour from an empty cup” which seriously made me realise how it is so important to relook at ourselves and how we are negatively affecting our own lives.  Do yourself a favour and follow these 2 amazing ladies on social media, you absolutely won’t be sorry, they are so inspirational.

We need to take our own steps to create a fulfilling life, this includes your next ideal job weather you employed or not and or ultimately creating a better life for yourself.  It is all about creating and following your ultimate dream.  Set your goals, make a “to do list” and create an action plan because ultimately it is all about you!

Did you know that in a day we as humans think 60 to 80 plus thoughts a day of which often up to 80% of them are negative!

If you are busy job searching or trying to create an ideal life, thinking negatively or burdening yourself with all the negativity of being unemployed and all the financial stresses, will just increase the awful negative thoughts that will go through your brain, creating unhappiness and well been.

I totally understand and have personally experienced, that during difficult times, it is extremely difficult to be grateful for anything let alone the joys of harboring abundance.

We as humans harbor so much fear which negatively impacts our daily lives.  STOP – do not let fear control or drive your life!  Remember your thoughts create your mood and how you portray yourself to others and what you create in your life.

This is the most crucial time, no matter what is happening in your life or how low you are.  Set your goals and stop living in negativity and fear.  Design your most desirable life, start creating it now!

Remember were your thoughts stray and what you continuously think about is exactly what you create or manifest in your life.

For example…I’m never going to get that job, or nobody wants to employ me or I’m never going to have money to pay my bills, I’m going to have such a bad week, the traffic is going to be so bad today, etc.

Nobody wants to employ somebody that lacks self-confidence or who is depressed.  Company’s want strong characters.

You are absolutely creating the negative circumstances you are thinking about because that is exactly what you are putting out to the universe.  So how do you expect it not to happen?

Start looking at changing your thoughts / mindset more to the positive for example…

This week I am going to get the perfect opportunity for the job I have always wanted, money and solutions will be available to me to pay my bills, I am going to have an excellent successful week, the traffic is going to be easy flowing whilst I think of all the positive things in my life and how I am going to change things to create more positivity in my life etc.

Cindy Norcott goes even further which I have also started adapting in my thought patterns, especially whilst driving.  Envision your perfect day, perfect week, perfect month, perfect year, perfect life!  Ask your self WHY?

Why am I going to get that perfect job?

Why am I so clear on my visions and goals?

Why am I so sexy, attractive, fit, muscular & strong? (One of my personal favorites)

Why am I so good at managing, keeping & multiplying money?

Why am I so happy & blessed?

With these thoughts you start answering your own questions in a positive manner, speak to YOURSELF as you would speak to your best friend or family member in the most loving way.  And most importantly be thankful!

Remember that nobody can fix you or your thoughts but yourself.  Nobody can set your goals, dreams or desires, but you!

Ask yourself what are you going to do to change your life?

Are the things you doing or the thoughts you are thinking serving you in a positive manner?

Put yourself in the moment, enjoy the good things in life that you do have that best serve YOU!

We are so defined by excuses, that sometimes we create our own obstacles.

By starting with positive thoughts and realistic expectations, celebrating the wins we do have even the smallest success.

Be happy and grateful for what you do have and manifest the things you want.

Set your goals and focus on them daily, weekly, monthly etc.

Have a weekly to do list you would like to accomplish.  Don’t be too hard on yourself and be realistic.

Declutter you mind, home, desk and ultimately your life!

Remember nothing or nobody is perfect, have confidence in yourself, look at your own expectations on yourself in a loving manner.

Create a “Happiness” list of what makes you feel good, is it a walk on the beach or park, spending quality time with your family / loved ones, taking a breath of good clean air.  Remember smiling creates immediate endorphins, so ask yourself, what makes you happy?

Make an action plan to shake yourself up, go outside and smell the roses.

Where thought goes energy flows!

Remember it is all about YOU!  You got this!

Written by Ruby Hales

Talent Acquisition Specialist @ Pro Talent